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American Association of Critical-Care Nurses.

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses.. Besides the day to day bustle of nursing life, it is important to have vision of future plans.  These plans, when clearly laid out, create a map to success.  Achieving the “stops” on the way along the map to success, are opportunities for growth that, when accomplished, should be added to our portfolio.  This portfolio will be used to help leverage our position among other qualified individuals and set us apart when vying for employment opportunities, as well as help us excel in our practice.

Along with advancing my education in this program, one of the ways I have contributed to my academic portfolio is by becoming certified in my area of nursing practice.  Certified nurses have shown to be a benefit to patients, their families, and employers (Certification Benefits Patients, Employers and Nurses, n.d.).  By achieving certified status, it has been shown that certified nurses make decisions with more confidence and gain more satisfaction in their profession (Certification Benefits Patients, Employers and Nurses, n.d.).  I have to agree with these statements as I have seen a tremendous benefit in my practice since achieving certification, as well as a respect from colleagues that I hadn’t been as aware of previously.

Another strategy that I plan to add to my portfolio is working with nursing education on RN competencies.  I have had the opportunity to participate in annual nursing competencies at my facility on mechanical circulatory support, since I am the content expert for the facility.  I really enjoy teaching and find that I am also able to learn more myself by coming up with new and innovative ways to present the material.  Focusing on continuing education and becoming an expert has been shown to expand professional development in nursing exponentially (Sadler, 2018).  Although teaching is not ultimately what I want to do, it is nice to have the opportunity to participate and contribute to the continuing education of my colleagues.

Walden University’s vision of social change is to change practice on a global scale (Social Change, 2020).  I believe both of these initiatives will help contribute to this mission as they will allow for the advancement of practice in nursing.  Having an advanced certification and sharing that knowledge with colleagues can only benefit patient care and increase outcomes in the long run.  I look forward to being able to continue to contribute to this change by obtaining my advanced degree and being able to expand my scope of practice as well.

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses.

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