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Deepen your understanding of Decolonization by Samantha Moyo on TEDex

Deepen your understanding of Decolonization by Samantha Moyo on TEDex. Follow instructions

Please watch the folowing, and engage, two posts of about 100 words each.

Watch: Deepen your understanding of Decolonization by Samantha Moyo on TEDex (16 min): https://youtu.be/7JFHjpnD8UA

Watch this one too: What’s left of you? Performance, decolonization, and self-determination by Jules Orcullo on TEDex (16 min 04 sec): https://youtu.be/LOYE-gCdSM8

And, an added personal take by a student from the Philipines: What is Colonialism? Question and Learn About this Historical Problem by Roque Marcelo

(5 min 15 sec): https://youtu.be/XeGteqSPbcA

2nd assignment 

Europe in the 1990s: Disintegration in the South East and Integration in Most of the Rest

Please scroll over the web link, read and watch videos in sub-links:


and then move on to the following material on the Break up of Yugoslavia (16 min 49 sec):

The Breakup of Yugoslavia

and connect the discussion with the effects of the Ex-Yu on the rest of Europe, and comment on other processes of integration in most of the rest of Europe.

Please post twice, about 100 words in each post. paragraph form

3rd assignment

What is Agent Orange And What Were Its Effects on Humans and Environment?

Find two shorter videos on youtube and then an article that deals with Agent Orange – What it is, Where it was produced, and by which manufacturer, Where/How/Why it was used, and What are the effects of this substance on humans and the environment.

write 200 words about it . Include an image of the effects of agent orange

Last assignment is this one

The demise of the British Empire, and effects of Decolonization on the British and newly Independent Societies

For this Assorted Assignment I will ask you to go over the following links and discuss the context of the Demise of the British Empire, and the effects of Decolonization on both the British and newly Independent Societies

A) Porter, Bernard. “Cutting the British Empire Down to Size.” History Today, Vol. 62. Issue. 10, Oct. 2012, 22-29.

Cutting the British Empire Down to Size.pdf
Cutting the British Empire Down to Size.pdf

B) Weblinks


BBC – History – British History in depth: Britain, the Commonwealth and the End of EmpireBritain may have emerged victorious from World War Two, but at an enormous cost. What were the repercussions for its global empire? By Dr John Dawrin

Your essay is to be four to five paragraphs long, with a short introduction and short conclusion, containing some 300 words in total.

Please cite in-text and also in a separate ‘works cited’ section at the end of your paper, utilizing examples for MLA citation (see Course Information module with details on Originality, Citation, and Format, and MLA format).

If you have issues accessing the above article by Bernard Porter, here’s another way:


Deepen your understanding of Decolonization by Samantha Moyo on TEDex

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