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Describe the difference between authority and dominance.

Describe the difference between authority and dominance..


REL3851.E1 Family Relations

Read Balswick, Fourth Edition, Part 6 (chapters 15-18) and answer the following questions. Single space acceptable, but leave a space between questions.

1. Describe the difference between authority and dominance. Pages 274-275

2. Describe the difference between orchestrative power and implementive power. Page 276

3. Summarize the four models of family power discussed by the authors. Pages 277-280

4. The authors point out that Jesus Christ and Karl Marx had a certain commonality in their teaching. Explain that. Pages 281-283

5. Summarize the ideal balance of power in a family. Pages 283-285

6. What kinds of events bring stress to families? What is most stressful and why? Pages 287-288

7. What resources help families deal with stress? Page 289

8. Discuss the essence of “coping” with family stress. Page 290

9. Summarize five stages of problem solving. Pages 290-291

10.  How do catastrophes differ from other stress-causing events? Pages 292-293

11.  What are four ways family members might share the burden of pain? Pages 294-296

12.  How can Christian faith potentially help a family through crises? What do the authors say about extremes? Pages 296-297

13.  Discuss the numerous causes of divorce. Pages 303-304

14.  Describe and explain the typical four-stage sequence of divorce. Pages 304-305

15.  What effect does divorce have on children? Pages 305-306

16.  What challenges are faced in a single-parent family? Pages 313-318

17.  What are the challenges faced by a reconstituted family?  Pages 321-325

18.  What is a “binuclear” family, and what strategy might help bring success? Pages 326-328

Describe the difference between authority and dominance.

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