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Determine the material variances using the Excel template provided.

Determine the material variances using the Excel template provided.. In this assignment, you will be looking at both material and labor variances for Dr. Mitchell Olander’s Orthodontic practice and providing the doctor with recommendations based on your analysis.

Dr. Mitchell Olander has established a standard of 4 labor hours per device.   He pays his technician $25.00 per hour even though the market rate for technicians is $23.00 per hour since the technician has over 10 years of experience.   During the most recent month 1,280 devices were made and it actually took the technician about 60% more time to make these devices. In addition, Dr. Olander changed to a new vendor for the material that goes into the devices.  He was paying $17.20 per unit but the new vendor is selling the material for $15.00 per unit.  Each device typically takes (standard) 3 units of material to make but Dr. Olander notices that this month it actually took 5 units of material per device.

Prepare a 6 page narrative report (including exhibits) in Microsoft Word (using the template provided) with at least 2 scholarly sources. You will embed a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with your calculations into your Word document. Follow the template provided for the calculations. The narrative explanation requires the use of proper APA format, complete sentences and citations in APA format. Written in third-person perspective. New Times Roman, Size 12.

1. Determine the material variances using the Excel template provided. Be sure to calculate total quantity.

2. Determine the labor variances using the Excel template provided. Be sure to calculate total hours.

Review the results and discuss what these results indicate to you as a manager and how you will use this information to assist Dr. Olander making future decisions about the materials and labor costs used in his practice.  Be sure to include in your discussion a detailed explanation how you would investigate the unfavorable variances further and/or how you plan to improve performance in areas with unfavorable variance.

Submit your work in the “Week 6 Case Format Template.docx” document embedding the calculations from the “Week 6 Case Excel Template.xlsx” spreadsheet provided.

Determine the material variances using the Excel template provided.

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