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develop an action plan to implement a more effective group organization

develop an action plan to implement a more effective group organization. Instructions

Part 1

This is the first part of a three-part assignment where you will be applying many of the course concepts that have been discussed in this unit and in previous units by conducting a well-researched analysis.

In Units VII and VIII, you will develop an action plan to implement a more effective group organization and conflict management policy, while also providing insight on how you will personally manage stresses incurred.

For this assignment, you will begin by completing the following tasks:

  • selecting an organization that you currently work for,      have worked for in the past, or have a special interest in; and
  • focusing on one particular department or team along      with considering how this unit is organized and how it manages group      conflict or similar activities.

Your assignment should contain the components listed below.

  • Include background information about the organization      selected such as, but not limited to, its structure, personnel size,      approximate budget.
  • Synthesize your preliminary thoughts on suggested      policy updates that could benefit teamwork and conflict management with      the organization.
  • Include no fewer than eight sources, four of which must      be from peer-reviewed sources or academic journals.

Be sure to properly format your references and title page in APA style.

develop an action plan to implement a more effective group organization

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