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Discuss advantages & disadvantages of single-loop learning in action research.

Discuss advantages & disadvantages of single-loop learning in action research.. PLEASE USE THE 7TH EDITION APA FORMAT AND MAKE SURE OV SCORE IS NOT OVER 7%

Based upon the following articles, available in the CTU Library, and your reading, address this Unit’s discussion:

Go to the CTU Library, and open the ABI Inform database. Find and review the following article:

  • PAPASTEPHANOU, M. (2010).      Aristotle, the Action Researcher. Journal of Philosophy of Education, 44(4),      589–595.
  • Postholm, M. B., &      Skrøvset, S. (2013). The researcher reflecting on her own role during      action research. Educational Action Research, 21(4), 506–518.
  • Shah, H., Eardley, A., &      Wood-Harper, T. (2007). ALTAR: Achieving learning through action research.      European Journal of Information Systems, 16(6), 761-770.      doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1057/palgrave.ejis.3000720 ABI Inform

You will need to access additional resources to address the following questions about single- and double-loop learning in 500-600 words respond to the following:

  • Define self as an instrument for change.
  • What behaviors will you need to employ to bring this principle to life during your organization’s project? Why?
  • Why is self as an instrument for change such an important part of the work?
  • How do single- and double-loop learning connect to action research? Why is this important, or is it not  important

Class – In addition to addressing all elements of the assignment, a model answer emphasizes the following:

  • Your definition should be supported by proper  citations.
  • Life-long discovery.
  • Reflection-in-actions.
  • Reflection-on-actions.
  • Biases (be specific) i.e., what specific biases?      Why?
  • Conscious and unconscious attributes.
  • Role of single-loop, double-loop, and triple-loop learning in successful AR/AI action.
  • Cite the required reading materials.
  • Discuss advantages & disadvantages of single-loop learning in action research.
  • Use Microsoft SmartArt to illustrate your method,  steps, process, structure, etc.

Additional Resources:

  • Cheung-Judge, M.-Y. (2012). The Self as an Instrument:      A Cornerstone for the Future of OD. OD Practitioner, 44(2), 42–47.
  • Jaaron, A., & Backhouse, C. (2017).      Operationalising “Double-Loop” Learning in Service Organisations: A      Systems Approach for Creating Knowledge. Systemic Practice & Action      Research, 30(4), 317–337. https://doi-org.proxy.cecybrary.com/10.1007/s11213-016-9397-0.

Discuss advantages & disadvantages of single-loop learning in action research.

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