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Discuss how the marketing mix will vary in relationship to the offering of a service and of a product.

Discuss how the marketing mix will vary in relationship to the offering of a service and of a product.. Discuss how the marketing mix will vary in relationship to the offering of a service and of a product.
reply to another student’s post by Sunday at 11:55 pm EST.  The required length for your original posting is 350 words, and your reply should be a minimum of 250 words.

1st student (srilekha nimmala) :


Marketing mix will vary in relationship to the offering of a service and of a product

If we are here it is probably because we are looking for information on the complex of techniques and tools necessary to achieve our marketing objectives. Are we looking for information on the marketing mix then, and continuing to read this article we will become aware of this marketing model and we will discover among other things:

The 7Ps of marketing

To speak correctly of Marketing MIX without making confusion, we must first know which according to the latest theories are the 7 decision-making levers that companies follow in order to achieve their sales objectives. Before giving the definition of the marketing mix to explain what it is, before seeing in detail the controllable variables and before knowing the history and theories that have allowed the marketing mix to evolve up to the present day, it is good to know the 7Ps of the marketing mix what they symbolize and represent (Vargo, S. L., & Lusch, R. F. (2014)).

With this image we wanted to offer a clear and simple overview of the elements that make up the marketing mix, below we will go into more detail giving the answer that users who want to know what the marketing mix is ​​and what is the definition correct, what the 7p represent what the 4c ​​represented and some examples of operational marketing mix.

Knowing each of the elements that represent the 7Ps in detail, can ensure that any marketing strategy included in a marketing plan gives the desired results to the company that promotes itself from scratch. So knowing the marketing mix is ​​a must for SMEs who, starting from scratch, want to make their way into their respective markets.

Over and over again the emphasis has been placed on the need of companies to know the target market in a profound way and to know exactly what their target wants. We can say that thanks to the knowledge of each element of the marketing mix, it is possible to maximize profits more.

Those who deal with marketing often know these concepts, but too often not in depth or do not use them to create marketing strategies for the companies they promote. Consequently, companies do not know that without applying these rules in marketing, their sector manager is making life difficult for him (Bowie, D., Buttle, F., Brookes, M., & Mariussen, A. (2016)).


Vargo, S. L., & Lusch, R. F. (2014). Evolving to a new dominant logic for marketing. In The Service-Dominant Logic of Marketing (pp. 21-46). Routledge.

Bowie, D., Buttle, F., Brookes, M., & Mariussen, A. (2016). Hospitality marketing. Taylor & Francis.

Student 2 (durga prasad katapalli) :


As indicated through the requested gift approximately the advancing mix which has various factors like arrangements is simply the slightest little bit of the entire showing thought, a fathom this thought, is important to understand publicizing Marketing blend is a motion of sports that take part and are component showing process, the ones sports are referred to as the 4 P’s: Product of product to be made and the sums. Worth: cost of the component provided to the purchaser. Spot: geographic locale where the element is put. Headway: fuses the advancing of the component, methodology techniques to make the thing known.

Advancing Mix uses the diverse media or can say medium to pay attention to the destitute or dependable clients through the web, paper, and other giant resources use to make a continuously viable showing of anything. In any case, with such countless elements, there are approaches to address the assistance related to all these decisions and revise the assurance inside the market. Advancing typically speaking involves 4-component referred to as the four P’s which might be the element, spot, price and prom Companies use the four P’s to have an effect on the keenness for its issue to keep in mind Berry Plastics Inc a general head of mixture framing. All the 4 parts of the publicizing blend: Product, worth, spot, and progression.

Thing shows the gadgets and-undertakings mixture the com offers to the aim advertise. This commitment may comprise a physical go company or a mix of both. Berry Pl offers an extensive extent of things to exclusive markets and customers matters stretch out from dairy, terminations, over tops, refuse packs, drink cups jars to custom holders. This grouping of factors grants Berry to nearly in each plastic market at genuine costs allowing custom.




Discuss how the marketing mix will vary in relationship to the offering of a service and of a product.

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