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Discuss the differences between an internal analysis and an external analysis with respect to strategic planning.

Discuss the differences between an internal analysis and an external analysis with respect to strategic planning.. In response to your Mercedes and , you may either furnish answers to questions posed by other students (referring to the textbook as needed) or compose supportive reflections on the reflections posted by other students (e.g., “That’s a good point . . . I had to interpret a pie chart just last week . . . it was in . . . etc.”). By the end of the discussion, you will have gained additional knowledge about hypothesis testing.

Mercedes post

I was able to refresh my basic statistical concepts that I learned in the introduction to statistics class. I do not have a question about the hypothesis, but I wanted to point out that when working with the hypothesis is important to understand the difference between the if-then and the null. Also, when coming up with a hypothesis is important to ask questions, make observations, and do research when considering variables.

Statistics can be very useful in everyday life, school, and at the workplace in general. I am working towards a degree in psychology and statistics is vital to the psychology field to interpret a great deal of information. Statistics knowledge helps us interpret how the changes in one variable can impact other variables. It also helps us to measure relationships. Statistics are needed to organize data, describe data, and make inferences based on data.

Statistical data can be misinterpreted if the quality indicator is used in the wrong way. We can insert a correct interpretation by explaining every key point and its message to the audience without manipulating data to our advantage. Data should always be unbiased to accurately represent any population.

Oneka post

This class has been challenging but I can also say that I actually learned statistics a bit better this time around vs. last term in my Mat-133 class. I liked how the book actually broke down the formulas to use in Excel and the explanations made more since on how stats work. Does this mean that I want to become a statistical genius now? ABSOLUTELY NOT! (ha-ha) but I can appreciate how researchers come up with their findings for their reports. Even though I plan to be on the clinical side vs. research side of psychology, I can definitely use what I have learned these past 8 weeks to help me understand the process it takes to do different studies. I can also use what I have learned at my job now since I use Excel often and definitely as I continue through school. Even though I am not a part of the management team, I often look over reports for the hospital and I am sure at some point I could actually catch incorrect calculations and possibly be able to give some input as to what could be better used to gather data.

Post to Emily and be constructive and professional. Please include a 100 word or more to be eligible for credit. Consider asking a question to find out more information.

Emily post

The role a Multinational corporation is known as large firms that are incorporated in one country but owns and manages the production and distribution of the facilities in a few countries. This is an important source for foreign investment.

2) The multinational corporation that I would like to discuss is Blockbuster and CEO John Antioco. Blockbuster failed due to bad leadership by CEO John Antioco and his team. When they were approached with a partnership with Reed Hastings founder of Netflix they laughed at the idea and refused the partnership. Netflix is now worth $28 billion which is about 10 times more than Blockbuster was worth. Due to not partnering with Netflix when given the opportunity and the fast-growing competition like Redbox Blockbuster went bankrupt. It began to lose revenue in late 2000s and they filed in 2010.

3) Blockbuster went bankrupt in 2010 they were valued at $3 Billion with just one year they earned $800 million in late fees alone. Blockbuster has 9,094 stores and employed around 84,300 people within the United States and in other countries.

4) The things that I would have recommended for Blockbuster to stay on top of the competition is that agreeing with the partnership offered by Netflix. They should have realized that this was a great opportunity and helped promote Netflix in the stores across the country. By partnering with Netflix this would heled keep them relevant and helped not lose business.

5) It has been great to learn so many aspects of business that I was unaware of. There are so many important aspects of business that is important to understand and practice. I am happy that I have had this opportunity to learn of discuss these valued lessons of business.

Kristopher post

  1. The role of a multinational corporation is to be successful and make a profit. The ripple effect of working towards success can lead to helping economies in poorer countries such as creating jobs in developing countries.
  2. The multinational corporation I would like to discuss is the Canadian multinational company BlackBerry, originally known as Research in MotionFrom 1999 to 2007 the BlackBerry phone was the most innovative phone available and had great success in the phone development industry. Ultimately BlackBerry failed due to the rise of more successful and innovative competition. The development of the iPhone and Android, prominently the touchscreen, led to the downfall of the BlackBerry phone. BlackBerry failed to innovate where others did and could not keep up in quality as BlackBerry’s phone began to suffer in performance. As a result sales declined and the stock declined.
  3. BlackBerry is down but not out. Blackberry has been successful in software and cyber security in particular. I think BlackBerry should stick with the product of security and market to businesses that provide phones to their employees for business use only. Companies that value security of information could benefit from a BlackBerry phone as long as it is a quality product. BlackBerry should also consider apps that could be used by anyone to store private information as added security such as passwords, photos and documents.
  4. I never consider myself a businessman, but this class has shown me that I can and will likely pursue or participate in running a business. This class is one of many steps towards being my own boss.


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Discuss the differences between an internal analysis and an external analysis with respect to strategic planning. What do organizations typically analyze as part of an internal analysis, and why? What do organizations typically analyze as part of an external analysis, and why? How do the results of each of these analyses inform an organization’s strategic plan?

Discuss the differences between an internal analysis and an external analysis with respect to strategic planning.

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