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Task 1 – Fascell QUOTATION

Each question requires a ONE-PARAGRAPH ESSAY.

Because you are drafting, start each draft at the center of the paragraph – the proof section of the paragraph. Lay down the outside source’s words with a signal phrase first then introduce the material before it and discuss it after. As you work, edit the source material for fit your proposition/claim in response to the question. Note: This is labor-intensive writing. It will take you longer than you expect to unify each of the paragraphs around an arguable point of view.

Use the online assignment site for all three submissions.

You must use parenthetical citations that distinguishes indirect voices that appear in Young’s text.

No “drop quotes” allowed. Not using a signal phrase will lead to automatic failure of this assignment.

No “Works Cited” page required.

1) Build a paragraph around the quotation from Chapter Six, page 120. Create a topic sentence that makes the quote relevant in regards to Congress’ mood about the war in Vietnam at the time of the passage of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Edit the quote as you see fit including a signal phrase. Use double quotation marks on the whole quote – when words are quoted within, set those quotes off with single quotation marks. Wrap up then spending a few sentences discussing the important words and values that Fascell’s words express about how Congress thought about their responsibilities on this momentous occasion. Don’t forget the proper parenthetical citation!

“Representative Dante B. Fascell of Florida remembers [the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution] that way too: ‘The President needed the authority. Who cared about the facts of the so-called incident that would trigger this authority? So, the resolution was hammered right through everybody’”


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