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Global Logistics Management

Global Logistics Management. This is Global Logistics Management class.

In week 1 we Learned

· Driving the Local Economy: How Transportation Projects Boost Our Bottom Line

· The Role of Transport in Economic Development

· Transforming Transportation for the 21st Century

· Transportation economics

In week 2 we Learned

· Demand & Supply of Transportation System

· Transportation Modes, Modal Competition and Modal Shift

· Transportation Economics: Helping us to under Stand the Problem of Disequilibrium in Transportation in the Modern Cities

In week 3 we Learned

· The Fifth Wave: Fifth Industrial Revolution

· Waves of technological innovations and the end of the information revolution

· The 5th Wave

In week 4 we Learned

· A meta-model for passenger and freight transport in Europe

· Integrating passenger and freight transportation : model formulation and insights

· The Function of Transport Terminals


The Mid-Term paper is based on a topic from this class. You may choose a topic from the first four weeks of lecture readings. Use the course readings and web sites to extend the materials on the topic. 

Your paper should discuss and extend the information on the topic, and to expand on the topic by giving real-world scenarios, which reflect this topic. 

Use APA format to submit this paper. This paper should be at least 1000 words with 3-5 references. Keep your submissions concise, focused, and succinct. Remember that Wikipedia is not a credible academic resource – please use the university library. This assignment will be graded on content, grammar, and format

Global Logistics Management

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