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How can you make sure each team member has equal responsibility?

How can you make sure each team member has equal responsibility?.

Choose ONE question from the list below and post an original comment. After your original comment is made,

Prior to engaging in this forum, read and reflect on required and/or recommended course content for weeks 8 – 10.        (Chapters 7 – 9 content, articles and videos)

Discussion Questions

Topic A: Team Leadership and Self-Management Teams

1)     Self-Managed Teams: 1)Self-managed are accountable (as a group) to deliver quality project work in a timely fashion.  Outline how you would ensure all team members are dependable, accountable and focus on achieving team results.  Please use specific workplace situations.  How can you make sure each team member has equal responsibility?

2)    What type of organizational culture, structures, and leadership style would encourage creativity in teams? What is the impact of group think on team creativity? How would you as a team leader of a self-management team deal with the issue of group think? (Illustrate with examples).

Topic B: Charismatic and Transformational leadership

1)    Do you think that all charismatic leaders are also transformational leaders, or not? Do you think that all charismatic leaders are also effective leaders, or not? Give rationale to your answers and support with examples.

2)    Servant leaders are supposed to serve and lead. Do you think that servant leaders are appropriate for business organizations and this type of leadership style is compatible with business requirements? How would a servant leader in a business organization conduct him/herself?

Topic C: Organizational Culture

1)     Define organizational culture in your own words. Appropriate organizational cultures have been found to be an important ingredient for organizational success. What is the role of leadership in creating, maintaining, and perpetuating organizational cultures? Give examples.

Topic D: Decision Making

1)     Strategic decision-making requires leaders to consider views of many stakeholders. What in your opinion is the best approach to achieve this?

2)     Todays organizations are constantly changing and organizational flexibility has been considered by many scholars and practitioners as an important ability for successful organizations. What is the role of leadership in initiating, and bringing successful changes in organizations? Give examples.

How can you make sure each team member has equal responsibility?

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