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How did Caesar become dictator and Consul of Rome?

How did Caesar become dictator and Consul of Rome?.


Crash Course 6

Watch VideoThe Roman Empire. Or Republic. Or…Which Was It?: Crash Course World History #10Duration: 12:26

Watch the video then answer the questions listed below.The Roman Empire: World History Crash Course #101. According to legend, how did the Roman Empire begin?

2. Rome was divided into two broad classes:  the _________________ (a small group of aristocratic families) and the ____________________ (everyone else).

3. The Romans had a position of dictator, who would take over in the event that the Republic was in ______________________________________.

4. Julius Caesar was born around _______________ and served in both the army and the Senate.  He was a general and later ran for Consul.  He received financial help from _______________, succeeded becoming Consul in 59 BCE, and therefore sought to dominate Roman politics along with Crassus and the Roman general ________________; together they were known as the ________________________________.

5. How did Caesar become dictator and Consul of Rome?

6. By 45 BCE, Caesar was the undisputed __________________________________.

7. Why did senators assassinate Caesar?

8. The Second Triumvirate consisted of his adopted son, ________________, his second-in-command, ____________________, and a third person named ________________.

9. After winning a civil war, Octavian changed his name to _________________________________, became sole ruler of Rome, and adopted the title of ________________________.

10. Why/how does John Green argue that Caesar didn’t destroy the Roman Republic?

11. What was the outcome of the three Punic Wars?

Here is the link to the video …….. https://youtu.be/oPf27gAup9U

How did Caesar become dictator and Consul of Rome?

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