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How did Chinese immigrants complicate the ideas of naturalization and citizenship?

How did Chinese immigrants complicate the ideas of naturalization and citizenship?. Prompts:

Select one of the following prompts to answer or develop your own (with approval).

  • How did immigration and western expansion overlap?
  • How did Chinese immigrants complicate the ideas of naturalization and citizenship?
  • How did migrant groups and their descendants preserve their culture? How did cultures evolve together?
  • How did the Civil War affect the immigrant experience? How did laws change American perspectives of immigration?
  • How did immigration change from 1890-1924 (consider both the US government and the immigrants’ experience)? Who was coming to the US from 1890-1924 and why? Why did xenophobia seem to increase from the 1870s to the 1920s?


  1. The paper will build upon the knowledge learned in this course by answering the above prompt.
  2. Students must answer the prompt in thesis statements for each essay – underlined in the submission. The rest of the essay should serve to advance this thesis that answers the prompt.
  3. Students must use assigned materials from all three categories in each essay.
    1. Assigned reading
      1. At least one primary source
      2. At least one secondary source
    2. Podcasts/Video
    3. Video Lectures
  4. Sources must be clearly cited using MLA (Links to an external site.) or Chicago Style (Links to an external site.) (the latter is required for History majors)
    1. The citations should be specific as possible (for readings this includes the author’s last name and page number, for multimedia the title of the podcast/video is sufficient, and for lecture it should include the date). Specific evidence includes brief quotes (no more than 3 lines).
      1. Quoted, paraphrased, and summarized information from a specific source requires citation.
    2. Works Cited/Bibliography is not required.
    3. Avoid outside research – this is meant to demonstrate what you have learned from assigned material. That said, if you want to use material you are already familiar with in addition to required sources you may do so.
  5. To support your argument, provide analysis of the examples that provide explanation and connection to the thesis.
  6. Strong essays will be organized chronologically and engage with multiple groups of people living in America that identify as immigrants or that native-born white Americans label as “outsider” or “other.” Strong essays will also make connections to ideas and concepts covered in the corresponding two weeks of the course.
  7. The essay should not try to engage with every part of the course covered thus far. Rather it should reflect the ability to select the sections and examples most pertinent to the argument.


  1. Students will use assigned material from the course to develop a clear historical argument.
  2. Students will make connections of ideas, themes, and sources covered throughout the corresponding two weeks of the summer session.
  3. Students will demonstrate an understanding of idea(s) of immigration

Skills & Knowledge:

  1. Upon completing this assignment, students will demonstrate an understanding how immigration has changed over periods of American history through an opportunity to develop written communication skills building an argument and using evidence and analysis that are applicable in both future academic and professional settings


  • 5-7 pages, typed, double-spaced (font size 12pt, Times New Roman preferable), 1 inch margins, with page numbers
  • Answers prompt in a clear thesis (underlined).

How did Chinese immigrants complicate the ideas of naturalization and citizenship?

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