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How does this Broadway musical help us better understand U.S. History?

How does this Broadway musical help us better understand U.S. History?.

Hamilton Paper

When Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical sensation hit Broadway in 2015, scholars were unprepared for the impact this hip-hop phenomenon would become. Through showcasing America’s past by reinterpreting eighteenth-century history, Miranda’s use of rap, hip-hop, jazz, and Broadway show tunes provides the basis for this epic adventure. With ticket prices soaring through 2016, and a continued interest in both social media and the press, Hamilton is showing no signs of slowing down in popularity. For this paper, you will listen to the soundtrack. Hamilton is available on ITunes, if you wish to purchase the album, and on YouTube, where you can listen to it for free (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUSRfoOcUe4avCXPg6tPgdZzu—hBXUYx). After listening to the album, you will react by writing a one page, single spaced paper responding to Hamilton. Provide a summary of the album, and then focus on one aspect of the source in response to this class. There are many different ways you can tactic this paper. Some of the different approaches include: How does this Broadway musical help us better understand U.S. History? Does this hit musical give an accurate portrayal of Early American history? Are there any inaccuracies? Finally, analyze this source. Did you enjoy it? Would you recommend this to someone? As the much-anticipated tour comes to Fort Worth next summer, are you planning on seeing it at the Bass Hall? Or did you see it in Dallas in April earlier this year?

How does this Broadway musical help us better understand U.S. History?

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