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Identify the specific problems the organization faces

Identify the specific problems the organization faces.  

Public Relations

Management and Public Relations


Melody Hufman Ph.D.

In This is PR. read

Chapter 8, Strategic Management in PR Practice

Recently police departments across the nation has been accused on targeting and murdering innocent black men. These departments are now in a position to have to rebuild their reputations. Your job is to analyze this situation and determine ways for them to establish their credibility Use the EBSCO and the INTERNET to locate material on this company. Make sure you integrate the text material.

1) Identify the specific problems the organization faces: support this material with research.

2) What should management’s role be? Relate this section specifically to the text material and apply that material.

3) Determine who their audiences are and what they need to say to each of them.

4) What media should use to get this message across? Be specific.

5) How will the organization evaluate the success of their public relations?

Remember that the point of this assignment is to demonstrate that you understand and can apply the text material. Please write out the questions and then answer them individually. Use the APA method of documentation. This paper should be a minimum of 7-10 pages.

Problem Solving Rubric 


Excellent (3)

Acceptable (2)

Unacceptable (1)


Define   Problem

Demonstrates   the ability to clearly identify and define the problems that need to be addressed using research

Identifies   some problems of the company using research.

Does   not identify the problems of the company. Includes little research on the issues


Identify   Strategies and roles of Management

Thoroughly   discusses the role of management in addressing these issues including the   role that must be assumed with multiple audiences.

Discusses   the role of management addressing these issues

Has   little discussion of management’s role


Proposes   Solutions by writing effective messages for specific audiences.

Identifies   three distinct and appropriate audiences and writes persuasive messages to   influence them.

Identifies   two appropriate audiences and writes adequate messages to address them.

Has   little knowledge of the audiences and proposes ineffective messages


Implements   Solutions by selecting appropriate media to disseminate the messages

Identifies   and discusses all the appropriate media to disseminate the messages. Specifically describes what messages need   to be used with particular media.

Identifies   some of the media appropriate for the messages. The paper may lack specific   messages that need to be shared with these media.

Has   little discussion of the media


Evaluate   Outcomes

Thoroughly   discusses how to evaluate the results with specific, excellent, and relevant   strategies.

Discusses   how to evaluate the results without including strategies or including poor strategies

Little   discussion of evaluation



Paper   has no writing or APA documentation problems

Paper   has one or two writing or documentation errors.

Paper   has multiple problems.

Identify the specific problems the organization faces

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