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Is the evidence Smith has enough to prove his case in court?

Is the evidence Smith has enough to prove his case in court?. A memo in both electronic and hard copy was sent within the PRQ Corporation that disparaged and employee, George Smith. Smith informed his manager of the incident. Rather than receiving the response he expected, the manager belittled Smith and told him to lighten up. Two more memos were sent which contained vicious and scathing remarks against Smith including remarks that he was not wanted in the corporation and the sender would not stop until Smith had quit. Alarmed further by the memos and his managers response, Smith went to senior management with his concerns, only to experience a similar response to the one he had received from his manager. Smith informed senior management that he would be filing a formal grievance. His employment was terminated the next day. Smith then filed a law suit against the company for harassment and wrongful termination. The only evidence that Smith had were hard copies of the memos.

1, Is the evidence Smith has enough to prove his case in court?

2. What other evidence does Smith need?

3. How should the investigation into Smith’s case be conducted to find this evidence?

4. Where would the investigator look to find the evidence?

5. Which hurdles might the investigator encounter in his/her investigation?

Is the evidence Smith has enough to prove his case in court?

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