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Operationally define the problem(s) requiring intervention.

Operationally define the problem(s) requiring intervention..

    1. Describe the use of at least one tool you would use to gather specific information about the problems at Stars.
    2. Identify the type of data utilized during this step.
    3. Operationally define the problem(s) requiring intervention.
    4. Discuss potential contingencies that may impact the staff behavior at Stars ABA.
      • Include a discussion of reinforcement and punishment.
  1. Identify Program Question and Research Design
    1. Select 1 program question foryour intervention.
    2. Select and describe the research design you will use to demonstrate the effectiveness of your program.
    3. Discuss the strength and weakness of your selected research design and why it is the best choice for your selected intervention.
  2. Select and Describe Your Intervention
    1. Choose one of the following interventions and describe how you would implement one of the following:
      • Competency Based Staff Training
      • Reinforcement Plan for Staff
    2. Your plan should be evidence-based and include a description of the following components:
      • Describe how the program will be implemented.
      • Discuss who will be responsible for implementing the program.
      • Identify the type of data that will be collected throughout the program.
        • Indicate specific behavior analytic measure, i.e., frequency, duration, percent correct, etc.
    3. Describe ongoing documentation and data collection that will take place during the intervention.
      • Indicate how the data will be collected and what kind(s) of data sheets will be used? Will the data be graphed?
    4. Create two SMART goals for the program.
  3. Program Evaluation
    1. Discuss how data will be evaluated, including:
      • Schedule of observation: how often will the behaviors be assessed?
      • What factors will be considered when evaluating the data?
        • How will the data be evaluated?
          • Visual Analysis

Operationally define the problem(s) requiring intervention.

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