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Parent Education Final Project Template

Parent Education Final Project Template.




In this assignment, complete the Parent Education Final Project Template-ATTACHED with the following information written in paragraph format:

  • Introduction
    • Describe yourself as a professional, the professional field for which this parenting project is designed.
    • Describe the purpose of the project.
  • Parenting Changes
    • Discuss how parenting is changing referring to your work in the Week 1 How Parenting Has Changed discussion forum-ATTACHED.
    • Describe the benefits of parent education using your annotated summary from your Week 1 Writing an Annotation assignment-ATTACHED.
    • At least one in-text citation is required in this section.
    • Define each of the four styles of parenting.
    • Highlight two to three characteristics for each parenting style.
    • At least one in in-text citation required in this section.
  • Impact of Parenting on Child Outcomes
    • Summarize how parenting styles can impact child and adolescent outcomes using research from your Week 2 Annotated Bibliography assignment-ATTACHED.
    • At least one in in-text citation required in this section.
  • Temperament
    • Describe temperament.
    • Describe why temperament is important to the parent-child relationship.
    • At least one in in-text citation required in this section.
  • Goodness of Fit
    • Describe goodness of fit.
    • Provide an example of what goodness of fit looks like in action.
  • Diverse Families
    • Describe two common issues among diverse family structures referring to the Week 3 Group Research Forum: Diverse Family Structures discussion forum-ATTACHED.
    • At least one in in-text citation required in this section.
  • Family Support
    • Propose two resources to share that you think would be especially helpful for diverse families in overcoming the issues they face.
  • Positive Parenting
    • Describe the concept of positive parenting from the Week 5 Positive Parenting discussion forum.
    • At least one in in-text citation required in this section.
  • Strategies
    • Describe two positive parenting strategies from the Week 5 Positive Parenting discussion forum.
    • Describe how parents can use the two identified strategies in their daily lives.
  • Communication
    • Describe one negative form of communication that parents want to avoid.
    • Describe one effective communication strategies parents can use instead.
    • At least one in in-text citation required in this section.
  • Add or change graphics to highlight parent education content, as needed.

The Parent Education Final Project

Parent Education Final Project Template

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