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Qualitative research methods in psychology.

Qualitative research methods in psychology.. Grounded theory studies are characterized by theoretical sampling, but this requires some data to be collected and analyzed. Sampling must begin purposively, as in any qualitative study. Purposively sampling is using knowledge of the study and the population to choose participants. Initial interviews are conducted to collect data from participants. Data collected will come from the researcher asking participants questions about themselves. Coding is essential to the development of grounded theory. Through coding, you describe what is happening in the data and begin to figure out what it means. Memo-writing contains the interviewer’s impressions of the participants’ experiences and the interviewer’s reactions. After data collection and analysis, theoretical sampling is used to determine who to sample next and what questions to ask during interviews.

Apply ethical principles to your design by explaining how this type of qualitative design may affect the participants in your study and how you will deal with sociocultural issues.

It is imperative that ethical principles are followed when conducting research. Psychologists should avoid relationships that could reasonably impair their professional performance or could exploit or harm others. Informed consent from the participants should be given before conducting the study. The consent process ensures that individuals are voluntarily participating in the research with full knowledge of relevant risks and benefits. Think about data sharing before research begins. If researchers plan to share their data with others, they should note that in the consent process, specifying how they will be shared and whether data will be anonymous. I will deal with sociocultural issues by understanding the participant’s dynamics of society such as politics, family, religion, beliefs, etc.

Qualitative research methods in psychology.

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