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reflective journal on stress level, sleeping pattern, and safety

reflective journal on stress level, sleeping pattern, and safety.


As you continue your reflective journal, this week you will add information regarding your stress levels, how well you are sleeping, and your risk for experiencing violence and injury.  Each week you will submit your reflective journal for instructor feedback, make the corrections or updates and submit all the previous weeks’ journal entries.

Activity Instructions

Complete the sections, Assess Yourself on the following pages of the textbook:

  • How Stressed Are You?, on pp. 94-96.
  • Are You Sleeping Well?, on p. 115.
  • Are You at Risk for Violence or Injury?, on pp. 138-139.

Follow the instructions below.

  1. Total your scores and analyze your results.
  2. Based on your results, reflect on your stress level, sleeping pattern, and safety and answer the questions below:
    • In terms of stress, do you practice any stress management technique? How has it worked for you? If not, try practicing one new stress management techniques such as deep-breathing exercise, yoga, tai chi, meditation, etc. Report on how it went and whether you might continue using this technique.
    • Identify situations, events, or circumstances that you believe contribute to stress in your life. What could you do to help reduce stress?
    • In terms of sleeping, are you able to get at least 7 hours of sleep? If you are able to sleep 7 hours what do you attribute this to? If not, identify things in your life that may prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. What can you do differently starting today? Write a list of Do’s and Don’ts to improve your sleeping habits (for instance: Do turn off your cell phone after 11 p.m. Don’t drink anything caffeine after 3pm).
    • In terms of safety, do you feel safe or unsafe in your home? If you feel unsafe, is there anything you can do to change the situation? For example: look at your residence safety features. Is there a secure lock, deadbolt, or keycard entry system on all outer doors? Can windows be shut and locked? Is there a working smoke alarm in every room and hallway? Are the outside areas well lit? What can you do to make your residence more secure? If you feel safe in your home, what do you do to protect yourself in new or unusual circumstances?
    • Discuss some things you can or would do if you, a friend or family member are worried about potentially abusive behavior. What community resources would help you deal with potential relationship abuse?

Please note: This week you will turn in your corrected or updated Week 1 Reflective Journal entry along with this weeks.

Writing and Submission Requirements

  • A minimum of 2 additional pages in length, not including title, reference page (if necessary) and previous weeks’ journal entries.

reflective journal on stress level, sleeping pattern, and safety

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