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The Silk Road and Ancient Trade

The Silk Road and Ancient Trade.

Crash Course 7

Watch VideoThe Silk Road and Ancient Trade: Crash Course World History #9Duration: 10:31
User: n/a – Added: 3/22/12Watch the video then answer the questions listed below.

The Silk Road and Ancient Trade: World History Crash Course #9

1. The Silk Road radically expanded the _____________ of trade.

2. The Silk Road was not actually a road but rather an overland route where merchants ______________________________________.

3. One route of the Silk Road connected the _____________________________________ to central Asia and one from central Asia to ________________ and also included sea routes.

4. Good and raw materials traded on the Silk Road included primarily __________, olives, olive oil, wine, jade, silver, iron, cotton textiles, ivory, incense, spices, and tortoise shells.

5. Why did the Roman Senate repeatedly try to ban silk?

6. What/how were three reasons the Silk Road affected the average person?  (list and explain)a.           b.           c.

7. How much of the European population died from the Bubonic Plague? ____

8. John Green concludes the video by making a brief reference to the analogy between the Silk Road and today’s market globalization (international connectedness of trade).  Although he doesn’t expand on this, what do you think he meant? (hint:  try to think of similarities between the pros and cons of each)

Here is the link to the video …….. https://youtu.be/vfe-eNq-Qyg

The Silk Road and Ancient Trade

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