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Voicing Of Unusual Opinions And Anonymous Mind Changing.

Voicing Of Unusual Opinions And Anonymous Mind Changing.. Question 1

This forecasting method allows for voicing of unusual opinions and anonymous mind changing.

Question options:

Delphi method

Salesforce composite

Exponential smoothing

Moving averages

Question 2

For most marketing communications strategies, the main communication tools are

Question options:

sales promotion or advertising.

publicity or public relations.

personal selling or sales promotion.

advertising or personal selling.

Question 3

Sales and marketing often focus on different activities. Which of the following is not one of the activities on which sales focuses?

Question options:

Distributor management

Account management


Product positioning

Question 4

Personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, and publicity comprise what’s referred to as

Question options:

marketing strategy.

selling strategy.

marketing mix strategy.

marketing communications strategy.

Question 5

This forecasting method is well suited to situations in which sales forecasts are needed for a large number of products.

Question options:

Delphi method

Salesforce composite

Exponential smoothing

Moving averages

Question 6

The _______ provides direction for strategy development and execution throughout the organization.

Question options:

mission statement

strategy statement

corporate plan

business unit portfolio

Question 7

Every forecast should be defined in terms of

Question options:

geographic area, salesperson, and estimated accuracy.

territory, product level, and sales volume.

sales volume, salesperson, and estimated accuracy.

geographic area, product level, and time period.

Question 8

If the sales organization objective is to reduce selling costs and target profitable accounts, then the SBU objective is likely to be

Question options:

hold market share.

build market share.

develop market share.

harvest market share..

Question 9

The importance of developing a partnership with distributors has been emphasized in the text. Which of the following situations would strengthen this relationship?

Question options:

Commissions on sales to direct salespeople are lowered for sales made jointly with distributors.

Direct salespeople call on the most profitable accounts and ask the distributor’s salesforce to handle all other accounts.

The manufacturer provides its distributors with market information to help them succeed.

When new models for equipment are available, ask the distributors to take care of selling out the old models and allow the company’s salesforce to begin offering the new model.

Question 10

The _______ consists of different methods for developing sales forecasts for individual accounts.

Question options:

bottom-up approach

salesforce composite method

top-down approach

Voicing Of Unusual Opinions And Anonymous Mind Changing.

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