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What are your thoughts on the training roadmap?

What are your thoughts on the training roadmap?. Write a 2-3 page paper using the information from the SANS website on security training.  Follow my instructions below.

Each Real Life Paper must be 2-3 pages, fully APA compliant with a title page, abstract page and reference page, along with the content of your analysis. Only the content of your analysis is counted for the 2-3 pages.

Go to http://sans.org, the website for SANS Institute, which provides information security training.

The following will give you an overview of what SANS is offering for security training and certifications.

1.  Open the http://sans.org website

2.  Click on “training roadmap.”

3.  Look at the whole roadmap to get a sense of what is being offered.  Hover your mouse “core technologies.” “monitoring and detection,” and “cyber defense operations.”  View the general explanation given on each.

4.  Click on “cyber defense operations,” and look at the three major skill areas that makes up their curriculum.

5.  Hover your mouse over a few of the courses (SEC numbers).

6.  Click on SEC450 and see how this course is offered (in person, on-line).

Question to consider

What are your thoughts on the training roadmap?

Assume that your are an employee sent by your organization to become trained and certified to make sure your organizations is able to withstand hacks and intrusions into your network.  (think broadly about what this means to your organization and you the “trained” employee coming back to your organization.)

What are your thoughts on the training roadmap?

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