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What successful project managers do?

What successful project managers do?. What successful project managers do? The following journal article, “What Successful Project Managers Do” is extracted from the MIT Sloan Management Review magazine Vol. 56, No 3 (Spring 2015). This journal article discusses on methods and issues relating to managing a successful large and complex projects using traditional and new project management approaches.

You are required, 1. Read and understand the Journal.

2. Summarize the content of the article by the following recommended sections.

a. Executive summary of the Journal content.

b. Explain, list, and contrast the traditional and new approaches in managing a complex project management.

c. Explain the key success factors for each of the four project manager’s roles.

3. Critique the pros and cons of the approaches discussed in this journal. Use the knowledge and skill learned from this course to provide your feedback.

4. You may use your workplace example, experience, or public incident as an example in providing your feedback.

Additional requirements and recommendations: a) This is an individual assignment. The final report must be typed with Arial font, size of 12 and single spacing. b) The report must not exceed 6 pages excluding the cover page, declaration and reference page (Harvard referencing style). c) The final report must submit on time. Late submission will affect your assignment grade. d) You are encouraged to use Google Document to complete this assignment. The main advantage of using Google document is that it allows your document to be saved on line or offline using your mobile phone or your laptop. You can access and work on to your assignment anytime and anywhere using your smart phone, PC

What successful project managers do?

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