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  Why was the Great Migration such an important part of this process?

  Why was the Great Migration such an important part of this process?. You will be writing all 5 of your essays (4 short and 1 long) in a word document file and uploading it (as a word or pdf) the same way you did for your paper.   You are allowed to use material from class only as well as a dictionary.

Short answers

Answer FOUR of the following in 1-2 paragraphs. Please refer to the documents whenever possible but  you are not required to quote them like you are on papers.  This is an exam not a paper: treat it like an in-class open-book exam.  Do NOT use outside sources.   (25 points each)

1. What was the relationship between the Black Codes and the thirteenth and fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution that were passed during Reconstruction? Please include a discussion on the issue of the role of the federal vs. state/local government.

2.In what ways did socialism criticize the structure of American society during the Gilded Age (ca. 1870-1900)? Contrast to proponents of laissez faire or Lochnerism (such as Andrew Carnegie).

3. What changes to immigration to the US took place in the 1880s and 1890s?  How does the nativist backlash demonstrate general conceptions of who is an American at the time?  (Hint: it was called the New Immigration). 

4.  How and why did the term “civil liberties” emerge to combat the advent of coercive patriotism during and immediately following World War I? (Please define both “civil liberties” AND “coercive patriotism” in your own words. 

5.  How did the Harlem Renaissance shift the perceptions and stereotypes of African Americans?  Why was the Great Migration such an important part of this process?


Answer ONE of the following in 4-5 paragraphs.  Please refer to documents we’ve read whenever possible.  Quoting unnecessary.  Do NOT use outside sources.  (50 points)

1.How did the Great Depression and the New Deal fundamentally transform the American idea of freedom in the 1930s? (Please make sure you address the issue of the role of the federal government in relation to liberty).  And how and why are the elections of 1932 and 1936 transformative elections that change American voting patterns for two generations?

2. How did World War II both shift and challenge the American definition of liberty, equality, and citizenship as well as America’s image of herself and role in the world?

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  Why was the Great Migration such an important part of this process?

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